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Poetry and Japanese short-forms


Eyesemics by Renata Solimini

Renata Solimini has been passionate about painting and drawing since her childhood. She studied the basics of traditional painting and calligraphy, with masters Yang Haocheng and Zhou Yufeng, at the Nanjing Normal University in China. During 1992-93, Renata started creating her first paintings that were inspired by ancient Chinese pictograms. Her thesis focused on ancient writings, including Chinese, Egyptian hieroglyphic, and Sumerian cuneiform. These studies significantly influenced Renata’s artistic inspiration.


Over the past few years, besides abstract artworks and asemic writing, her interest has been mainly focused on the Eye, the theme of the Fish and the Sea World (as ancient symbols of the origin of life), and the Woman. Her choices of media include acrylics, oils, tempera, inks, markers, and collage on canvas, cardboard, and paper. Renata also enjoys exchanging Mail Art and participating in mail art shows all over the world. She has exhibited her paintings in Italy, China, Russia, and in the United States. Website: https://renatasolimini.blogspot.com

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